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Bornmann, T & Williams, J, 'Investigating equestrians' perceptions of horse 'happiness': An exploratory study', poster presented at the 77th annual conference of the British Society for Animal Science (BSAS), UK, 12-15 April 2021.





Bornmann, T & Richardson, K 2019, 'Head and neck positions in the ridden horse: An exploration of trends observed in an Australian horse sales magazine from the years 2005 and 2018', poster presented at the 15th International Equitation Science Conference (ISES), Guelph, Canada, 19-21 August 2019







Bornmann, T 2016, 'Riders' perceptions, understanding, and theoretical application of learning theory in horse training.' 12th International Equitation Science Conference (ISES), Saumur, France, 23-25 June 2016.

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We are delighted that we have been invited to present our and Dr Hayley Randle's & Dr Jane Williams' latest research findings at the 2021 NKC equestrian conference in the UK.












A wonderful opportunity to share our research findings with a greater audience of equestrians and practitioners at the University of Guelph's second equine research day.

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The full article can be read in 'Animal Therapy Magazine' (UK), issue 23.








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Canada's Equine Guide 2020:


Interview with the Canadian Horse Journal (Tania Millen) on the subject of Equitation Science: what it is and how it can help horse and rider.



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