About Tanja (Tanya)

Tanja holds a Master of Science degree in Equine Science [distinction] from the prestigious University of Edinburgh and is a qualified German classical dressage competition coach (level 2), trainer and rider. She specialises in classical dressage training, including in-hand work, groundwork, long-lining, liberty, clicker and trick training, and can teach you and your horse the basics up to the more advanced high school movements. In addition, Tanja is (competition-)experienced in show-jumping and eventing and qualified to teach lessons in the latter disciplines. 


Being an equine/equitation scientist, Tanja has extensive knowledge of equine behaviour and learning, physiology, and biomechanics. She can help you form a better connection with your horse by teaching you how to correctly apply equine learning theory in your daily interactions with your horse (learn more about the importance of learning theory in horse training). With her scientific and hands-on knowledge of equine behaviour and learning, Tanja can help you retrain 'problem' horses by turning 'unwanted' into 'wanted' behaviours. She competed in dressage, show-jumping, eventing and young horse performance classes in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, earning the UAE's national dressage championships title on her young mare. Tanja's teaching experience and client portfolio is vast and varied, and includes professional trainers, equestrian athletes, leisure riders, riders with special needs, children and seniors.


Horse and rider are trained following a mixture of selected classical principles based on the training approaches of BaucherGueriniereDecarpentry, and the classical Portuguese system in combination with evidence-based equitation (including learning theory) and a solid understanding of horse-rider biomechanics. Each horse is seen as an individual, considering his specific training needs. Being an academic member of the International Society for Equitation Science, Tanja adheres to the society's scientific training principles developed by a range of well-known and reputable international equitation science and welfare experts.


Improving horse welfare through educating riders and trainers about the correct application of equine learning theory and evidence-based horse training principles is Tanja’s main aim. Each rider and horse owner can learn to correctly train and handle horses without compromising rider safety and horse welfare. The basic principles of equine learning theory are very simple to understand and apply, and do not require previous experience in animal training. Contact us today to start this enlightening journey.


Tanja's formal education

  • MSc Equine Science [distinction]: University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Certificate in Animal Behaviour and Welfare: University of Edinburgh, UK
  • MSc Quality Management [distinction]: University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Diplom-Sozialpaedagogin [distinction] (MSc Social Work): University Coburg, Germany
  • Graduate Diploma Management of Social Organisations: University Coburg, Germany
  • Trainer B (FN) Leistungsport Dressur (level 2 performance coach, dressage), Germany
  • International Group for Equestrian Qualifications coach (level 2), UK
  • Internal Quality Management Systems Auditor: Lloyd's, UK
  • Specialisation in client-centered therapy
  • Army officer training and examinations: Bundeswehr, Germany

Equestrian experience

Tanja began riding horses over 30 years ago. As a teen, she convinced her local riding instructor to allow her compete her favourite school horse for the first time. During the following years, Tanja was lucky enough to ride and successfully compete several young horses from a local breeder at dressage and jumping shows as well as mare performance tests. In her late 20's, Tanja resumed competing and showed her mare, trained by herself, at dressage, show-jumping, and cross-country events in Dubai, earning one national dressage championships title. During her stay in Dubai, Tanja trained with high-level riders and Olympians such as Matt Ryan (eventing), Boris Boor (show-jumping), Nereide Goodman (dressage), Dieter Vogel (dressage and show-jumping). She also retrained several off-track thoroughbreds, applying her knowledge of evidence-based horsemanship and learning theory. Upon her relocation to Canada, Tanja trained and worked with the Portuguese dressage rider Frank (Francesco) Grelo from Grelo Farms, who introduced her to the airs above the ground and the 'Vaquero School'. Since then, Tanja continues training horses in classical dressage including in-hand work, incorporating her academic knowledge of equine learning, training and welfare into her daily training routine. 



Always wondered what equitation science is all about and how it can help you become a better rider?


Canadian Horse Journals included an article about equitation science in its 2020 Equine Guide and I had the honour to be interviewed on this important topic. 


You can read the full article here: 







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