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Academic Equitation combines the beauty of classical horse training and riding principles with evidence-based equitation and equine learning theory. We have the academic and hands-on qualifications and expertise to help you understand and practically apply learning theory - the only method to 'naturally' train horses and practise sustainable 'horsemanship'.


This knowledge in combination with a selection of centuries-old classical training principles, developed and successfully applied by classical riding masters throughout the centuries, will help you become a more effective, confident, and safer rider. Further, it will improve your relationship to and communication with your horse, as you will understand how horses learn and react to your and environmental signals. This will not only improve their motivation and confidence, but also positively impact their mental and physical health, overall condition, and performance.


Are you ready for this enlightening experience? Congratulations, then do not hesitate to contact us today. We teach all rider levels, ages, disciplines, and horse breeds.

Why train with me?

There is only one correct horse training method: One, that progressively prepares our horses to mentally and physically perform on the highest levels in our chosen equestrian discipline without compromising their welfare. How can we achieve this? By respecting and understanding horses' natural behaviours, needs, and capabilities, as well as physical and biomechanical limits. Training and learning means behaviour modification. How can we influence horse behaviour? By applying equine learning theory in horse training. 'Horse whispering' was yesterday, today's scientific advances allow equestrians to practise evidence-based equitation, creating happy, motivated, and healthy athletes.  We offer a variety of services and can help you achieve this goal - one step at a time. 

Meet us at the 15th International Equitation Science conference at the University of Guelph August 19-21, 2019. We will be presenting our latest research into head and neck position trends in ridden horses at this conference. 

Join us at this exciting event and learn about the newest scientific findings in equitation science. Looking forward to seeing you in August! 

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